Roofing Materials and Supplies

Roofing MaterialsRay Albright Steel caters to the roofing industry around the state of Oklahoma. With the frequent hail storms that we experience, roofing materials and supplies are in high demand from our clients that are both commercial and residential roofing companies.

Although we do not supply asphalt shingles, we do carry most other components that are needed to replace roofs. And of course we carry the metal sheets for metal roofing.

Here is a list of the many roofing supplies and materials that we keep in stock for our roofing clients.

  • Lomanco Turbine Vents
  • Lomanco Power Vents
  • Aluminum & Galvanized Roof Vents
  • Aluminum, Painted & Copper Neo Flashings
  • Versa Caps
  • Roof Jacks
  • Lead Boots
  • Ice & Water Shield
  • Various sizes and colors of Roof Edge & Gravel Guard
  • Counter Flashings
  • Roll Flashing 4” thru 48”
  • Skylights
  • Hand Drive & Coil Nails

We carry almost anything you need for a roof. We stock all Lomanco products, turbines, power vents, 750’s, 550’s and 135’s, which gives you the look of a power vent without the motor.

We also carry vented roof edge, under eave vents and shingle over ridge vents, w-valley, roof edge, counter flashings, base flashing, unit flashing, z-flashing, step flashings, gravel guard, neopreme flashings and roof jacks.

Most products are stocked in several colors including bronze, brown, black, white, galvanized and copper is available by special order.

We also carry roof coatings and skylights in stock. We have several sizes of roof nails, coil and hand drive, plastic caps, metal caps, and tin caps.

Please give us a call today at (405)681-2352 or (800)522-4400 so we can help supply your roofing materials. You can also request more information or for a representative to call you by contacting us here.